Cardiac Anatomy

Describe the anatomy of the heart, the pericardium and coronary circulation

Echocardiographic Anatomy

The heart may be divided into four planes, travelling from base to apex. Each of these four planes is divided into segments, which allow description of abnormalities.

The first two planes are divided into six segments, which can be related in turn to vascular territories:

  • RCA
    • Inferior
      Contains a papillary muscle
    • Infeo-septal
  • LAD
    • Antero-lateral
    • Anterior
    • Antero-septal
  • LCx
    • Inferolateral
      Contains a papillary muscle

The third plane is divided into four segments:

  • Inferior
  • Lateral
  • Anterior
  • Septal

The fourth plane is the apical cap.


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