Hunter Schafer open to 'absolutely' doing a Tigris spin-off in Hunger Games.

Written by Admin. November 17, 2023

Hunter Schafer, known for her role in Euphoria, expresses her eagerness to revisit the world of Panem in The Hunger Games prequel, Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

In the prequel, Schafer portrays a young Tigris, the stylist and cousin to Tom Blyth’s teenage Coriolanus Snow. Schafer is open to reprising her role and believes there is ample room for storytelling to delve deeper into the relationship between young Tigris and Coriolanus, exploring their eventual estrangement.

Set six decades before the events of the original franchise, the prequel provides more backstory for Tigris. As an orphan living in the Capitol with Coriolanus and their grandmother, Tigris works for fashion designer Fabricia Whatnot, serving as the family's main source of income. Despite their opulent surroundings, the family has faced financial hardships since the first rebellion. Tigris opposes the Hunger Games and sympathizes with Coriolanus' mentee, Lucy Gray Baird, offering a glimpse into their future estrangement.

The film introduces audiences to a Tigris before her tiger-like surgical enhancements, showcasing a significant departure from the character's appearance in Mockingjay. Schafer comments on the creative liberty taken to reinvent the character and highlights the survival mode shared by Tigris and Coriolanus. The actress recalls her own fandom of the franchise as a tween, even creating Capitol costumes for movie premieres. She attributes her confidence in taking on the role of Tigris to her time on the hit HBO drama series Euphoria, referring to it as her acting school.

Schafer, who wasn't initially planning to pursue acting, acknowledges that Euphoria played a crucial role in shaping her confidence as an actor. While discussing her involvement in Euphoria, she mentions her anticipation for season 3 and quips about catching up after the recent strike. Overall, Hunter Schafer's enthusiasm for exploring Tigris's character and the dynamics within the Hunger Games universe is evident, fueled by her passion for the franchise and the creative opportunities presented by the prequel.