White House slams Elon Musk for spreading 'offensive' antisemitic falsehood.

Written by admin November 18, 2023

White House slams Elon Musk for endorsing an "offensive" antisemitic conspiracy theory, calling it a "hideous lie." Musk's remarks draw criticism, adding to concerns about extremist content on social media.

X Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino expressed the company's commitment to combating antisemitism, emphasizing that such sentiments have no place in the world. Musk's endorsement appeared to support the "white genocide" conspiracy theory, suggesting that Jewish communities actively encourage immigration to Western countries to "eliminate" the white race. This theory has historical connections to violent attacks on synagogues, making Musk's remarks particularly controversial.

Despite Musk's denial of antisemitism, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other unspecified "Jewish communities" were singled out in his clarification. The ADL criticized Musk for validating antisemitic theories during a time when antisemitism is on the rise globally. The controversy surrounding antisemitism coincides with some organizations halting ad spending on X due to concerns about extremist content on the platform.

X, formerly known as Twitter, faced scrutiny as IBM and Apple suspended ad purchases after their ads were reportedly placed next to posts praising Adolf Hitler and Nazism. X responded by asserting that ads are not deliberately placed next to extremist content and that Nazi-promoting accounts won't earn money from advertising. The platform has also been criticized for its handling of hate speech and extremism, with external groups disputing X's claims of improved safety controls.

Elon Musk's past disputes with social media watchdogs, including the ADL, add another layer to the ongoing tensions around content moderation on X. Musk has repeated conspiracy theories and criticized watchdogs for their assessments of content moderation changes. X insists on having stronger brand safety controls, but external groups argue that extremism and hate speech have increased under Musk's leadership.

While Musk has not followed through on a threat to sue the ADL, he has filed a lawsuit against the Center for Countering Digital Hate, claiming their actions aim to censor and silence him. The controversies surrounding Musk's statements, content moderation, and legal battles contribute to the complex dynamics surrounding X and its role in addressing extremist content.